Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Christmas in . . . August?

I finally got some stampin' time in last night. I quit one of my jobs, so I have some more free time. Down to just one full-time job now--woohoo! Although, I am sure I will miss the other paycheck.

Anyway . . . here is a Christmas card I came up with for this year. I know, I know . . . who is thinking of Christmas?! Well, if I were not in the Christmas Card Challenge for 2007 through http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/ I would not be making them in late August either. I have made 10 cards every month (except one in which I made birthday and get well cards instead that month). If you do not need that many (which I really don't) you can make 10 other cards any occasion. It is a nice challenge to keep me on my toes. We just share a picture that we made them and they are all ours to do with what we want. The first person to post on the 1st day of each month wins a prize (did that January 1st since I was up that late and I was ready--hee hee--but haven't made it since then) I guess that is pretty obvious, since these were actually my July cards. I still have to make August. Oh, yeah, back to the subject . . . when we make something every month then the moderator puts our name in a drawing to win some goodies at the end too. So it's a win-win situation for you either way. You get to keep your own cards and you are in for a drawing to win more goodies. You should check it out at SCS (link above). Okay, here is my card. It is a little bit simple. I know I should have jazzed it up a little bit more with some more layering, but I don't think it is too simple. Tell me what ya think.


Kimberly said...

Very cute!!

BeanKreative! said...

This is GREAT. As you know- i have an addiction to Hedgies...I am weak!! LOL

What a great idea w/ the card challenge 10per month!! I am inspired!! Thanks Kelly!!
~Sabrina (O:

Anonymous said...

well, it's about time you quite a job -- don't you know that stampin should take up all a girls time :-) hehehe

Saw you had a new blog and wanted to pop over and say "hi" Let me know how it goes. I've been tempted to start a blog but ... it all looks soooo complicated!!!

wiggydl on scs

Gina K said...

Adorable card!! You're way ahead of the game if your making Christmas cards already. WOW! Good for you!
Gina K.