Monday, November 12, 2007

As a followup to last Tuesday's addiction . . .

I added all of my blogs that I frequent to the list, so you can see how bad my habit is. LOL

Quite a list, huh? Good thing I don't pay much for this addiction . . . or then again, do I? As I suppose seeing all of these different creations doesn't cost me anything until my little brain gets working, and I decide I just HAVE to have that stamp to make a card like that or those dies, or that _______ (fill in the blank, as I am sure you all know what I mean). Are they truly enablers, or am I just terribly weak?! LOL

Okay, this was just some chit-chat for now, but I hope to get "inky" later to show you some more Christmas cards. I have to get my Christmas Card Challenge done for November, and dog gone it--I have told myself that I am NOT waiting until the very last couple of days this month. ;) Kelly ............................P.S.--See you soon!


Christi said...

I am a blogaholic myself so I totally relate but it is so much fun to see how people make things and all the incredible inspiration you can get from others creations.

Can't wait to see your Christmas cards!

Jan Scholl said...

I read so many blogs, I really cant list them all on the side because you would be scrolling thru them for hours. I list the top of the creme for now. And from what I see, everyone has Allison on the list!