Sunday, June 8, 2008

No baby cria yet . . . :(

Well, I got back late last night. We had a pretty productive day at the farm, but no cria (baby alpaca) yet. Sarena wasn't ready to give birth yet. She did lay down in the dust/dirt trying to get cool, and a few times we saw her lying in a different position than usual. This got me excited that "today might be the day." I jokingly said probably tomorrow (Sunday) after I leave she will give birth. Maybe . . . maybe not. Then again, maybe she is holding out until next Sunday to surprise my dad with a Father's Day gift. LOL The first two pictures are of her with the other girls around her, but the last two pictures are Dark Knight's Templer and Wonder Peaceful Warrior (the young males). They are now yearlings but still so cute. They were out with us most of the day --very inquisitive they are. LOL

I also created twelve more cards to take up with me to the farm. There were six of the Hugged card and six of the others using two of each alpca colored in white, brown, and black. They really liked them although I kept them simple using only the alpaca stamps from Kritters In the Mailbox , Rough Edged alphabet and Delight in Life's swirly flourish from SU.

Anyway, I have a few pictures that I took. :) *cough, cough* few There are more that will be added to the Heaven's Gate Alpacas web site if you are interested.

EDITED: PIF information . . . I now have three ladies that are participating in the Pay It Forward. I already sent out Sparkle's package on Friday, and the other two will be going to Marcia and Kristine tomorrow morning. Be on the lookout ladies. As for the rest of my readers and friends, if you are interested in playing along and paying it forward, click on the links for the girls' blogs to stay tuned for their own PIFs. :)


Jane said...

How cool! Love your cards.


Seleise said...

cute pics, Kristy. I don't think I've seen such close-up pics of alpacas. Great fun!

And, Thank you soooo much for the super cute pocket card. I love the house mouse image inside and also love the layered flower embellishment on the front. Thanks bunches!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhh.........cute alpaca photos!! But I'm waiting for those baby Cria pics!!!! I guess that's really redundant as a Cria is a baby!!! LOL I just love those Alpaca special and unique!!!

catt871 said...

Sooo cute!! My students are doing a mini report on Alpacas right now as we are studying about Peru. I have written the website down for your parents farm and I will show them the photos...can't wait to see the cria!!!! SOOO Adorable!!! Do alpacas spit like llamas do? (just curious!) LOL

Kristine said...

neat cards! they're such cute alpacas too. great job, kel!! :D

Kelly S said...

They are so cute! I love the dark males. :) Hopefully that baby comes soon!

Heather said...

The cards are great. Hopefully by now the baby has arrived- how exciting!

Kristine said...

Hi Kelly!! :D I got my PIF package!! THANKS SO MUCH!! Your card is adorable. I've already sent 3 more PIF's out a couple days ago, hope it continues. ;0)

Have a super weekend Kel!!