Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sixth folder, sixth picture tag

This is a new, fun, and different type of tag. I really don't like the ones that tell a LOT about you -- fav color, first dog, city, state, yada yada. I tell my friends don't ask me to fill out those silly emails if they ask questions that help hackers figure out your passwords. I HATE that. Now there are some that I figure are pretty safe, and I do those so as not upset my email-ing buddies too much. *wink*
But this tag is different -- I really think this one is pretty cool. My friend and sister in blogland, Donelda tagged me, so here it goes . . .

This is the 6th picture from inside the 6th folder on my computer. It is from an alpaca farm in New York named Patchwork Meadows. This was their first little female cria (baby alpaca) that was born on their farm this past year. We met the family who owns this farm at our first show in New York last July (I believe), and they have the sweetest twin girls who were soon to turn 21 at that time. They really hit it off with my dear teenage son whom they thought was a "bit older." Well, we all had a good laugh, and needless to say, I didn't take my eyes off of him (or them for that matter) for the rest of that weekend! :D Itching to see some more alpaca photos? Click HERE for Heaven's Gate Alpacas blog -- my parent's farm.
So there goes the story behind the 6th photo in folder #6. I am going to tag a few friends too. So, if you haven't already played -- I tag you to tell your readers a "little" about you (remember to keep the important info secret to protect passwords, etc), but you can still have a little fun!


Donelda said...

Hey Kelly. I feel exactly the same as you about the "typical" tags!! but I did play along with this one because it didn't require a lot of work, didn't share a lot of personal info, and honestly, I was curious what my 6th pic in my 6th file would be.

I love the little cria here! So cute. I've leared so much from you and your parents about alpaca!! Thanks for playing :-)

Jessica G. said...

Sweet photo -- that's well worth the effort of the tag! I need to go through my folders, too!