Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creativity abounds they say, but... it hasn't been here much.

#1 - The only thing that has been created around here in our spare time is a shed (and that is only half completed after hubby and I had some vacation days together).  Don't ya love how the days you have off it decides to rain?  Not that we didn't need the rain mind you, but if it would ONLY rain on working days instead OR nights instead of during the day ... Well this year,our lawn is brown, garden is almost nonexistant (mostly my fault for not watering) ... Etc

#2 - I recently moved my office and creative space to the basement, so all the creative mojo has been packed away (maybe still) I guess.  I am still trying to find some things I "put in a safe place, so I would not lose them and REMEMBER where they were"  HA anyone else do this besides me, my mom and my grandma?  Lol

So, here is a little something I found time to put together today (about 10 min or so), but I want to start a small scrapbook of photos from graduation day and hopefully our college visit for my son and his girlfriend.  That's where we were the last two days, and hopefully I will get some good photos tomorrow too since our schedules won't be so hectic tomorrow with "things to do"  They start their courses on Monday -- Yay!  They are both excited and a little nervous, but I am hopeful that everything will go well for them both!

Here's what I made today ...

Just tried to keep it quick and simple with a piece I had already started, and I wanted the main point to focus on the photo and not the extra goodies around the page.  The pinks and oranges aren't my favorite colors together, but adding the green seemed to please the eye a little bit more.  Let me know, whatcha think!! :)


Linda Palmer said...

So great to see you crafting again. Love your frame and love the touch of green.

Seleise said...

cute frame! good luck finding everything again. I know how that feels!