Thursday, October 25, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking ... anyone a novice like me?!

Tried out My Memories suite 3 digital scrapbooking software this evening, and so far I really love the installed designer templates and what I can achieve just using them.  I still want to learn more and how to create my own  pages without using the installed versions, especially since I have some friends who have shown me some very creative ideas in digital scrapbooking (Kris and Jenn - lylas).  I just haven't been able to get the hang of it before, adding shadows to embellishments were the trickiest part - i.e. where to shadow the letters, etc.

Well, My Memories takes all of the guess work out of that.  You choose the embellishments and then choose the color if you want to change it and click on shadow, and boom ... it puts the shadows all at the right angles for you.

Here is what I created this evening from our deck project photos using the "Smells Like Spring Flowers" designer template.  It was really easy too! :)  If you are interested in trying out a truly user-friendly digital scrapbooking suite, check out the link to the right here on my blog AND if you copy and paste the code, they will give you $10 off the full version.  I have started with the trial version, but look forward to getting the full version very soon myself! :)

So, let me know what you think?  Be easy on me, as these are my first "real" digital scrapbook pages.  :)



Lorie said...

Your pages are fantastic! MMS is the is easy to use and very intuitive! In my opinion digital scrapbooking is very natural for card makers! Keep at it and have fun!

Anonymous said...

This page looks fabulous hun!! :) I have playing around here and there with digital, but I'm not really all that great at it...I really love to play with it though!! TFS! HUGS

Linda Palmer said...

Looks like you did a great job! I haven't tried it because I don't have a printer for 12 x 12 pages but I figured it was too complicated for me. You did great!

Kelly L said...

Linda, I don't have a 12 x 12 printer either, but I am just saving them digitally at this time. If I decide I want to create a scrapbook, I think I will take my SD card and go up to Staples and have them print them out for me - probably cheaper than buying the printer and ink anyway :)

Marcia said...

You did awesome! I'm not a digi scrapper, but will hybrid from time to time. I'd be paying someone to print my 12x12s out if I was inclined too ... you're right, between ink and paper and printer - way too expensive!

xx M