Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Angels

Well, I haven't gotten to more Christmas cards yet this weekend, but I did make some little angels for our church pews.  The pastor asked me to come up with something different this year with the greenery and bows, and the theme for the March to the Manger is about angels this year.  First, I had been looking high and low for some trumpeting angels proclaiming the good news, and I have not been very productive in finding many that were all the same (need 24 or 26).  So, I decided to make some.  I was thinking of using some fabric that is light and fluffy yet held it's shape and tulle came to mind.  I grabbed a few things at Michaels, and here's what I came up with.

They are made with ivory tulle, silk-like shimmery leaves lined with Stickles and gold glass glitter, a white pipe cleaner through the wooden bead head to create the halo top and partial body to attach everything in one place.

They are fairly simple to make, but I hope they meet everyone's approval as well.  Here are few more lined up and almost complete.  I just need to add them to the greenery and ribbon piece.



Lorie said...

Yep, that are amazing! Great job!

Linda Palmer said...

Kelly, these angels are so cute and look pretty easy. I love them and especially love how you are showcasing them.