Friday, December 7, 2012

Crocheting with alpaca yarn ...oh my

There have been some gifts being made around here lately but not a lot of Christmas cards.  I hope to get some house cleaning and decorating done tomorrow and then sit down and get the cards finished. I have a few ready to send out but not many.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook probably already heard this story, so you can tune out if it's a re-run :)  This cute little baby girl hat and bootie weren't quite finished the other night.  As you can see, the flower still needs a button on it, and the bootie isn't completed on the top (needs edging), but the issue was that I ran out of red yarn, so I tried my hand at dying just a little bit more to get the booties completed.  Here are the instructions if you are looking to dye some of your alpaca or wool (works for animal hair).

Can you believe the color was Blastin' Berry Cherry, and it was a little bit lighter than the hat, so I tried again last night with Tropical Punch, which was just right.  :)  Not only does it look good, but it smells good too.

Hoping you all are getting your Christmas decorating and gift making done at your home.  My to-do list is a bit long, so I better get off here and get moving on them ...

Have a great day!

Kelly L


Linda Palmer said...

This is so cute. I take it that it is a baby gift. Beautiful job and the way you died it is amazing to me.

Kristine said...

*GASP* Awwww... sooo ADORABLE Kelly!! Love that you dyed your alpaca hair!!! I've made li'l booties before, not sure I've ever made a hat - that one is so cute! I did make a doggy sweater though and now I need to make a bigger one for our outdoor doggy. :) Anyways, great job on this ensemble Kelly!!