Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alpaca Photos from HGA

Well, I don't care what the judges thought . . . I am rather proud of these photos (which look even better matted in dark brown, black and 2 shades of blue in that order *wink*).

What's she talking about you might be thinking . . . well, I just had to share with you some photos that I shot and submitted for the Empire Photo Contest last month. Even though they didn't get an honorable mention, I really LOVE them . . .

The caption for this one was "Alpaca See . . . Alpaca Doo."
Lazarus was only a few days old here, and after following mom across the field she stopped and showed him what he was supposed to do near "the pile"
(at first I thought if only they had wings they looked like they were ready for take off).
Then I captured this one of Cody and Amber and named it "Precious and Few (are the moments)," and I had printed it out in black and white for the contest. Cody was just sitting down by Amber in the field and was talking to her when she put her head over almost on his shoulder like she was wanting a hug. She is such a sweet gal, you can't help but love her!!

This one is my all time favorite though! We named it . . . "A Mother's Love."
It is another picture of Serena and Lazarus (the cuter end this time). Aren't they sweeeeeet?!
So . . . leave me a comment and let me know what YOU think of them. I would love to hear, and honestly I had some photography classes in high school so I "thought" I knew what I was doing, but . . . if you have any pointers, PLEASE let me know what you think
I could have done to make them better. I am all ears . . . well, mostly *wink*
Hugs, Kelly L


Jennifer said...

They're wonderful, Kel! I especially love the one where the mama and baby are kissing. The composition of the bottom two are really good. The one comment I could make about the top one is regarding composition. This might be improved in this case if the subject were located in the lower right corner of the frame and more negative space were to the left and along the top. Keep taking pictures -- you have great subjects! :)

papersunshine said...

I love them :) So sweet! I don't know anything about photography really, but I think the pictures are very positive images of Alpacas! The mothering, the snuggling and the love :)

Kristine said...

You know I LOOOOVE all these pictures. You are quite the photographer Kelly :) Love to see these cute alpacas too. Thanks so much for sharing and putting smiles on our faces!! Happy Day after Thanksgiving too! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs!!