Friday, November 20, 2009

Few of my favorites and . . . such terrific friends!

With a good friend, Helen Phelps, mentioned her "favorite things"-- the song started playing in my head. LOL So . . . I had to show you a few of my favorite cards that I created for last Christmas. I plan to create a few more if I get a chance this weekend too.
If you aren't too busy creating your own . . . you have to stop by and check out Helen's blog today, as she tells us about some of her "favorite things." :) There is CANDY involved too! Be sure and read to the end of her post to find out what you must do . . .



Helen said...

It's so funny that you have that song in your head, because everytime I think of favorite things, it sticks in my head for hours, too! lol These cards are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post!!! :)

Jessica G. said...

Awesome cards, Kelly, and all in different styles -- now that's what I call creative! And I recognize the Santa card!!

Kristine said...

Awww, those are great cards Kelly! LOVE them ALL! :) Helen is such a sweetie -- just like YOU! And I LOVE that ♫SONG♫ too!