Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organizing My Spaces

Like many of my friends, organization has been something I have been striving to get accomplished for a while now.  it's funny how Pinterest and Facebook has been buzzing about organizing this month.  So many of my friends seem to be bitten by the organizing/de-clutterin' bug.  LOL
Well,  I seem to be making better strides lately, so I thought I would share some photos with you.

We use this cabinet mostly for plates and bowls (every day items).

This is the ever-growing junk drawer.  I try to keep it tidy every month or two, but 
I believe these bins will help me to keep things in order easier.

This is the bottom left side of our island.

This is the bottom right hand side of the island.
Anyone have any ideas on what to do with those silicone muffin "bakers?"
The one you see there is for pumpkins in the fall, and
I have another one I bought about a week ago for Valentine's day.  
Maybe I should just stack them in the cake pans.

 This is the right-hand side door, where we keep all of the bar-b-que utensils since they are so big 
and take up too much space in the drawer.

Lastly, I did a little organizing this past weekend in my office/craft room, and although it's not complete,
I just had to show you what I got.  :) 

 These are just tension rods that I had picked up some time ago and didn't use while I was in the basement, as I needed a frame or something to put them on down there.  Here Hubby and I were able to find the stud on the left and used the drywall screws and inserts on the right to keep them in place.  So much better than having them crammed in a drawer.  Gives me more drawer space too! :)

Please ignore that busy bulletin board.  It has a lot of tips and reminders on there for work. *blush*

I just need to figure out what I am putting in all
of these nooks and crannies in the desk now.  :)

Happy Craftin' or ... Organizin' if the clutter is getting to you too.



The Crafting Secretary said...

WOW Kelly... you have been buuusy!! Love all your organizing. I LOOOVE that light lime green color for your craft room walls. That's the color I was hoping to paint Maddy's room but she changed her mind. Lol. *snap fingers* - anywhoo... must feel so good to have a spot for things! :) Kudos 2 U!!

PS... I have a big announcement tomorrow!!

Donelda said...

wow, look at you go!! I am in a total organize frenzy these days too. My moto is simplify and organize ... you have given me some great ideas!!

Marcia said...

FB is bursting with reminders to us all to organise and declutter ... must be because it is the new year. I admit I have a massive clean up every Dec/Jan, think it is to keep me motivated for the rest of the year.

Loving your nice neat and tidy kitchen cupboardsm WTG Kel!