Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Color-Me Christmas cards

After printing out a few more of these adorable Dinosaurs from DigiStamps4Joy, I created three more "color-me" Christmas cards to be sent to friends/family with little ones who like to color.  I used foam dots for ease of removing the dinosaur images from the card base and also added one or two more inside the cover (lightly taped fast).

This last one has an image and some embellishments underneath, so when the parents remove the dinosaur image, there is another image to still have a complete card if they would like to save them.  I have some that I keep from year to year that I just cannot throw away.  I typically save them all until I put my Christmas decorations away, mark my Christmas card list and then sort them.  I would keep them all if I could, just not enough room to do so.

So, I wonder ... do you save your Christmas cards until you take down your decorations?  
Or maybe you save them each year in a box?  Leave me a comment and let me know. :)

Inky Hugs,

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Linda Palmer said...

Great idea Kelly, to send cards people can color themselves. I save my favorites and am ashamed to say I have a huge box.